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Duration-3 Months

  • Introduction: The Origin of PHP,PHP is better than Its alternatives,Interfaces to External systems,Hardware and Software requirements,What a PHP Script Looks Like c,Web Designing Basics and WYSIWYG Editor,Receiving User Input,Repeating Code.
    Basic PHP Development: How PHP scripts work,Basic PHP syntax,PHP data types,Google Caffeine,displaying type information,Testing for a specific data type,Changing type with Set type,Operators,Variable manipulation,Dynamic variables,Static vs. Dynamic Optimization,Analytics, Analysis and ROI Concept.
    String Manipulation: Formatting String for Presentation,Formatting String for Storage,Joining and Splitting String,Comparing String,Matching and replace Substring.
    Control Structures: If(), else if() and else if condition Statement,The switch statement,Using the ? operator,Using the while() Loop,The do while statement,Using the for() Loop,Breaking out of loops,Nesting loops.
    Functions: What a function,Creating a function,Returning value from function,User-defined functions,Passing arguments to a function by value,Passing arguments to a function by reference
    Arrays: Single-Dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Associative arrays, Accessing arrays, merging arrays, Sorting arrays.
    Working With The File System: Creating and deleting a file, Reading and writing text files, Working with directories in PHP, Checking for existence of file, Determining file size, Opening a file for writing, reading, or appending, Writing Data to the file, Reading characters.
    Working With Forms: Forms, Super global variables, Super global array, A script to acquire user input, Importing user input, Accessing user input, Combine HTML and PHP code, File upload and scripts, Delete a File.
    Classes And Objects: Object oriented concepts, Class attributes, An Object, Creating an object, Object constructors and destructors, Class constants, Static method, Class inheritance, Abstract classes, Implementing Interface, Object serialization.
    Introduction To Database: What is RDBMS technology?, Introduction to SQL, Connecting to the MYSQL, Selecting a database, Adding data to a table.
    Cookies: What is a Cookie?, Setting time in a cookie with PHP, Deleting a cookie, Creating session cookie, Working with the query string.
    Session: what is session?, Starting a session, Registering Session variables, working with session variables, destroying session.
    Advance PHP techniques: Introduction about FTP/SMTP server, Math functions, File upload, File Download, E-mail with PHP, PHP configuration file, Error tacking and debugging.
    JavaScript (Jquery): Introduction to JavaScript, Form validation using JavaScript, Email validation using JavaScript, Jquery.