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Duration-3 Months

Core Java Programming: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, Java Evolution, Java History Java Features: Overview of Java Language, Constants, Variables and Data Types, Operators and Expressions, Decision making, branching and looping. Classes, Objects and Methods, Arrays, String and Collections, Interfaces, Packages, Managing Errors and Exceptions Multithreading, Applet Programming, Applet lifecycle methods Build a simple applet Applet, Using pletViewer, Adding controls
Advanced Java Programming: Intro to AWT and Swing, Working with Frame, windows, graphics, color, fonts, AWT controls: Buttons, Checkbox, Choice,List and TextField, Layout Managers, Flow Layout, Grid Layout and Border Layout, JFrame and JPanel containers, Event Handling, Java I/O Handling, User Interface Events a, Event Classes, and Event Listener Interfaces,Adapter Classes, Java Beans: Bean concepts - Events in bean box - Bean customization - Persistence - Application - deployment using swing - Advanced swing techniques - JAR file handling. Java Enterprise Applications: Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JDBC - Session beans - Entity beans Introduction to struts Framework