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Duration-3 Months

Computerized Accounting: Meaning and Features - Advantages and disadvantages - Computerized vs Manual Accounting - Creating of Company - Grouping of accounts - Creation Accounts - Cash Book - Bank Book - Sales Register - Purchase Register - Journal Register - Debit Note Register - Credit Note Register - Opening and Closing Stock - Creating of Inventory - Creation of Stock Groups, Stock Categories, Godowns, Stock Items and Units of Measure - Detailed Stock Valuation.
Entering Transactions: Voucher Entry - Sales Vouchers - Purchase Vouchers - Receipt Vouchers - Payment Vouchers - Contra Vouchers - Journal Vouchers - Debit Note Vouchers - Credit Note Vouchers - Editing and Deleting Vouchers - Voucher Numbering - Customization of Vouchers - Discount Allowed - Discount Received - Petty Cash Book - Depreciation - Automatic Interest Calculation - Interest Receivable - Interest Payable.
Preparation of Trial Balance:
Trading & Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet - Preparation of Day Books, Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow Statement, Funds Flow Statement, Inventory Report of a Sole Trader and a Company - Outstanding: Receivable and Payable - Editing and Deleting Budgets - VAT Assessment.
Opening and Closing Balances:
Schedules - Sales Tax Registers - Preparation of Departmental Accounts - Preparation of Bank Accounts - Bank Reconciliation Statement - Processing of year ending and closing the books - Report generation in various formats - Vertical and Horizontal formats - Accounts wise - Group wise Reports - Data Range Reports - Tax Reports - Analysis Reports - Budget Variance Report - Transaction List - Ledgers list - Customer/Supplier Report.
Tax Accounting: Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT Register, VAT Reports - Service Tax: Service Tax Register, Service Tax Reports.