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Duration-2 Months

  • HTML Basics & Web Site Design Principles : Concept of a Web Site, Web Standards, What is HTML? HTML Versions, Naming Scheme for HTML Documents, HTML document/file, HTML Editor, Explanation of the Structure of the homepage, Elements in HTML Documents, HTML Tags, Basic HTML Tags, Comment tag in HTML, Viewing the Source of a web page, How to download the web page source? XHTML, CSS, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Extensible Style sheet language (XSL), Some tips for designing web pages, HTML Document Structure. HTML Document Structure-Head Section, Illustration of Document Structure,BASE Element,ISINDEX Element,LINK Element ,META ,TITLE Element,SCRIPT Element ,Practical Applications, HTML Document Structure-Body Section:-Body elements and its attributes: Background; Background Color; Text; Link; Active Link (ALINK); Visited Link (VLINK); Left margin; Top margin ,Organization of Elements in the BODY of the document: Text Block Elements; Text Emphasis Elements; Special Elements -- Hypertext Anchors; Character-Level Elements; Character References ,Text Block Elements: HR (Horizontal Line); Hn (Headings) ; P (Paragraph); Lists; ADDRESS ; BLOCKQUOTE; TABLE; DIV (HTML 3.2 and up) ; PRE (Preformatted); FORM ,Text Emphasis Elements, Special Elements -- Hypertext Anchors ,Character-Level Elements: line breaks (BR) and Images (IMG),Lists ,ADDRESS Element, BLOCKQUOTE Element, TABLE Element ,COMMENTS in HTML ,CHARACTER Emphasis Modes, Logical & Physical Styles ,Netscape, Microsoft and Advanced Standard Elements List, FONT, BASEFONT and CENTER.
    Image, Internal and External Linking between WebPages: Netscape, Microsoft and Advanced Standard Elements List, FONT, BASEFONT and CENTER Insertion of images using the element IMG (Attributes: SRC (Source), WIDTH, HEIGHT, ALT (Alternative), ALIGN),IMG (In-line Images) Element and Attributes; Illustrations of IMG Alignment, Image as Hypertext Anchor, Internal and External Linking between Web Pages Hypertext Anchors, HREF in Anchors, Links to a Particular Place in a Document, NAME attribute in an Anchor, Targeting NAME Anchors, TITLE attribute, Practical IT Application Designing web pages links with each other, Designing Frames in HTML. Practical examples.
    Creating Business Websites with Dynamic Web Pages: Concept of static web pages and dynamic web pages, Introduction to scripting, Types of Scripting languages, Scripting Files, Client Side Scripting with VB/Jscript/JavaScript, Practical examples of Client side scripting. Identifying Objects & Events, and Creating & Implementing Common Methods,. Hosting & promotion of the web site, Domain Name Registration, Web Space allocation, Uploading / Downloading the website- FTP, cute FTP. Web Site Promotion Search Engines, Banner Advertisements.