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Duration-2 Months

Fundamentals of Computer: Introduction,Input / Output & Processing (CPU),Memory Device,Types of computers,Characteristics of Computer,History & Generation,Applications of Computer
Windows XP Overview: Some Basic Terminology & Typing Skills,Desktop Settings & Control Panel,Ms. DOS,Ms. Paint,WordPad,Accessories & Multimedia
MS WORD:Introduction ,Working with Documents ,Formatting Documents ,Creating Tables , Drawing , Tools , Printing Documents
MS Excel: Introduction , Spreadsheet & its Applications , Working with Spreadsheets , Formatting Spreadsheets raphics, Clipart etc., Working with sheets , Creating Charts , Using Tools , Printing worksheet
MS Power Point: Introduction, Creating a presentation , Formatting a presentation , Adding Graphics to the presentation , Adding effects to the presentation , Printing Handouts , Generating standalone presentation viewer
E-mail & Internet: Introduction,E-mail Account Internet,E-Mail,Browsers, E-Mail Clients