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Duration-3 Months

Web form fundamentals: HTML server controls, translating an HTML page to asp .net page, adding linked images, setting styles, what is view state, the HTML control classes, the page class, sending a new page to the user, the web.config file, custom settings in the web.config, WAT (web administration tool).
Introduction to ASP: Introduction to ASP,Types of Path,Examples using Response object of ASP,Working with FORM tag,Important Points about the FORM submission,Few more examples,Problem with ASP.
Basic web control classes: Label, Button, checkbox, textbox, Radio-Button, Hyperlink, LinkButton, ImageButton, Image, ListBox, DropDownList, CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList, BulletedList, Panel, Table, TabelRow, TableCell. The web control tags, Colors, Fonts,Focus, List Controls - multiple select list controls, the BulletedList control. PostBack events, the Page life cycle.
State Management: the state problem discussion, the ViewState collection, security issue, preserving memory variables, technique to store custom objects. Transfering information between pages: Cross-page posting, the query string. COOKIES handling with programming. Session State: Session tracking, using session state, timeout.
Validation techniques: The validator controls, server-side validations, Client-side validations, manual validation, validating with regular expressions, validation groups.
Rich controls:
Formatting the Calendar, Restricting dates. Styles: CSS (cascading style sheets), a basic inline style , creating a style sheet. Master Page: master page & content page, connectivity between master pages & content page, advanced master pages: Table based layouts, code in master page.
ADO .net (Database programming): SQL server, working with databases in visual studio 2008, using sqlcmd command line tool. SQL basics: update, insert, delete etc. sql commands. Data namespaces, the Data Provider classes. Direct data access: creating a connection, the DataReader roll. Data Binding: Single value data binding, data binding with properties, using code. Repeated-value data binding: Data binding with simple list controls, Multiple binding, using the DataValueField property, Data binding with ADO .net, Creating a record editor, The grid view.
Role of XML in .net: configuration files, XHTML, ADO .net data access, attributes, comments, the XML classes: XML TextWriter, TextReader, Reading an XML document, Searching an XML document.
What is Ajax pros & cons, asp .net Ajax Toolkit, application.